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Midnight is fast Approaching

Our Australian Constitution contains the words “have power to make laws for the peace, welfare, and good … with the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian States”Who decides what laws will provide for peace and good government ? I would contend that the only people who can answer this are the citizens or “silent majority.” Must have slipped my mind bit I cannot recall being asked about the Australia I want to live in. One this I do know is you can forget about PEACE if you allow Muslims and black Africans to immigrate here as they hate the West and everything we stand for. So how was PEACE to be achieved. These Governments and Public servants have plenty to answer for.

Our Government has done nothing to provide us with the country we want. The politicians need to have it explained to them that this is not their country.  Below is a list of grievances that most Conservatives have. If you want your say just sign up and and have it.

  • People who came here illegally demanding rights and governments pandering to them.
  • Paying into and remaining in fraudulent UN.
  • Staying in and monumental joke that is Paris Agreement
  • Government failing to support Free Speech at our Universities. Scott Morrison stands for nothing.
  • Failing to retaliate strongly to China, not closing Confucius Centre’s on our Universities structures Campuses
  • No building even one Hele Coal Fired Power Station, let alone the 6 we desperately need.
  • Removing the influence of the Left in all our School and University Education curriculum’s.
  • Privatise the ABC as total waste of funds. Make SBS pay its way as it does have some reasonable shows.
  • Immigration, it appears that if you scream persecuted and arrive on a boat you are the “New Australia”, you partake in barbaric halal certification and its supported by leading supermarkets, Woolworths, Coles & Aldi. The Australian “Spy Agency” (ASIS) have stated they have no way of knowing how much money raised by Halal Certification ends up in the hands of terrorists, but an amount does.
  • The school and University Education and Curriculum’s are totally under control of the Left who indoctrinate students in Climate Change hoax and lies about history. How long are we to stand for the defacing of statues to one of the worlds greatest navigators and explorers, Captain James Cook. It is a disgrace and should be criminal.
  • We see on Australia Day the usual fat, obese, less than 50% indigenous protesters burn our flag while whining about how hard their life is because Australia was blessed and settled by the United Kingdom. The truth is that is that if Australia had been settled by any other countries in the race to find “the land downunder”, or not settled at all that no indigenous would be alive.
  • We see “lilly-white”, zero indigenous heritage, Bruce Pascoe selling a Dream Time that they were great farmers who led the world in agriculture. Total garbage except on the Left and Our ABC.
  • Building Coal Fired Power Stations

I could go on and on but in short he stands NO WHERE, to get an idea of how weak he is he threatened to build a Gas Fired Power Station in the Hunter Valley. It sits on the best coal fields in the planet. He is so scared of the inner city “woke” morons he is too scared to build Coal Fired Power Stations.

The only way to fight for Australia is to take the Government to court where ever possible. There are matters we can seek legal opinions on. Why isn’t the quran banned as a terrorists handbook in Australia. This vile book tells the followers who to kill and how to kill them. Then we have the Halal certification. This must be handled by the Federal Government as the only way to stop money going to terrorists. There are any number of matters that we can wage war on but we must work together.

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