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Some New Immigrants Heading to Australia, thanks to our Government and Public Servants

Australia is being ruled by people who have no interest in the safety of Australians, no interest in a peaceful life, no interest in making laws for our benefits and the worst is they make laws that will certainly bring about the demise of our great country. The Australian Constitution grants powers for the various Parliaments to make laws for “Peace….” of the citizens etc.

How on earth will this ever be achieved when Immigration Policies have seen Australia allowing in radicalized Muslims and Black South African gang members that have killed and caused drama all over Australia. These people have been allowed to immigrate against the wishes of probably 60% of the population. We have politicians who ignore us and a rabid Left Wing of overpaid Public Service that has too much power over policy. We accept these Black Gang Members but a real persecuted White South African Farmer who wants to work cannot get near Australia. THIS MUST CHANGE.

By shopping where feasible at the Slate Board online store you are part of what will be the biggest ever effort in Australia to raise funds to take our country back. Politicians are not accountable for their decisions. You can argue they are accountable every 3 or 4 years. That is really nothing more than a joke. In the run-up to elections do you ever hear parties talk about policies regarding immigration. NO! They will mention the numbers for immigration but the only thing that matters is, “where are these immigrants coming from?”

The citizens of Australia are never asked about the Australia we want to live in. Yet, this country belongs must belong to us as without our taxes there would not be an Australia. This brings me back to the original point. The Constitution provides for the elected parliament to make laws for the “PEACE, ORDER and GOOD GOVERNMENT.”.

How on earth are we to live our lives in Peace when our Government is filling our country up with people whose primary aim in to hate us and kill us. They refer to us as the “infidels.”

Again, how is Peace and Order to be achieved when thousands of Black South Africans are allowed into Australia. The news reports from South Africa are clear. The white South African farmers are the most persecuted there. They are murdered, raped and lands stolen by the very people our Government allows to immigrate here and the really persecuted, white farmers hardly get a look in here. The White South Africans are better suited as they fit into our culture and add to our farming groups.

If you are serious about change you will buy items you require from the SlateBoard shop. Profits from EVERY sale will go towards what is in fact a war. If you want to just keep posting in Facebook then you are failing Australia. We are going to raise money to make this a real battle.

What are matters you want to see this site try to prosecute:

  • The Public Service is out of control, overpaid, interfere in policymaking and there are around 30% too many employed. If there is any way that this can be challenged, we will do it. Who are the 8 Public Servants who tried to get Tony Abbott declared a “person of foreign interest?” They need to be sacked. Who denies white South Africans but allows all the violent gang members?
  • Have Halal Food Certification issued and controlled by Federal Government? This will stop monies collected from this going to terrorists.
  • Ask why the vile book of the Muslims, the quran not declared a terrorist handbook? It not only tells them who to kill but how to kill them.
  • Clean the Left out of our schools.

There are any number of matters we can take on to make our Government stand up and take real notice.
This is your chance to tell us what matters you want to see prosecuted. When shopping online just check our store out. We will add hundreds of items every week. You want to take back ownership of Australia? Now is your chance.

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